Monday, February 18, 2013

It's A Presidents Day Miracle!

Good morning, my babies. It's been a somewhat eventful couple months, though you'd hardly know it, since a lot of it has been behind the scenes. Suffice it to say, my personal machinations for world dominance have been going swell, so if those who have wronged me want to beat the rush and get their affairs in order now, I certainly wouldn't blame them.

The biggest step thus far was completed yesterday morning just around this time when I completed a very rough first draft of the novel I was babbling on about back in December. Yes, Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares is that much closer to fruition, and naturally I'm very excited about that, since I've been wrasslin' with this manuscript for just over a year now. Parts one and two were more or less enjoyable to work on and with, but man, part three was a real motherfucker. So continue to watch this space for further details. The editing/revising process is not something I anticipate to be quite the chore, so hopefully sooner rather than later, I'll have more progress reports. Actually, knowing me, I won't say another word about it until the sum'bitch is at least sold because, despite all evidence to the contrary, I get sick of talking the talk while not walking the walk so much. Either way, whatevs.

While locked in the throes of battle with the ol' muse there, I also had to use one hand to fight with my latest Spiltsider piece. Back during that whole Leno/Conan fiasco, I remember thinking it a bit odd that a lotta my friends were so incensed about it, given that I clearly recalled Leno and Dave going through pretty much the same public feud back in my early high school days. Come to realize, most folks my age and younger don't give much of a fart about Letterman, Conan having won their hearts and minds. Which is fair enough, Conan is awful damn funny. On top of that, Dave has got quite the rep for being an all-out prick for some of the shit he's pulled, which in my case actually endears him to me more, since I find it easy to relate to that. Hence, "David Letterman Probably Likes David Letterman Less Than You Do," a defense/apology for Dave's/my behavior over the years. Adam Frucci, my editor over at the Splitsider's Comedy and Humor Website, wisely suggested that I downplay my own narrative in this piece, and though it took me much longer than was really necessary to make those changes, I'm very glad I did, so big ups to Adam for helping me not look like such a goddamn hack.

Looks like that's the only thing I've had published lately, but it does look as though my taking time away from short and flash fiction in order to concentrate on other, larger projects will begin to pay off in the year of Our Lord, 2013. Aside from the afore-mentioned novel, I've got a good number of projects in the hopper: my next Splitsider joint will be a treatise on comedy and suicide and how well they get along; I've got a follow-up planned to my Blood and Tacos story, which I'm looking forward to doing; Crime Factory is still going very strong, with this current issue containing some of the best short fiction I've read by Kieran Shea, Matt Funk, and Frank Wheeler (no small order, that); I'm currently helping my friend and new roommate April Ventura write her one-woman show, which has apparently been recently accepted for some sorta big-deal drama festival, so that might be neat; and I recently had a story accepted for Needle. Busy days down at Callaway Acres.

Well, I was gonna blah blah blah here about what I've been reading/watching lately, but frankly, I'm not that interested in what I've been doing, so I can't imagine anyone else would be. Mostly, I just wanted to keep the ol' bloggy up to date, check in and make sure my babies don't think I've forgotten all about them. So on that note, I'll sign off and get back to my stack of comical books.

Three-day weekend, you're the greatest.