Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weblog of Spider-Man

So, back a few months ago, I found out one of my roommates was part of a comics APA called the Marvel Zombie Society. I was not only surprised that such a thing still existed, but that I actually could get it up enough to contribute. Of course, that couldn't last. So now in a further effort to remove myself from my early 20s-era Luddism and to save essential paper resources for truly important things like hardware store circulars, I'm going live with this here blog thing. I actually started one a little while ago about NYPD Blue, but I actually managed to bore myself. I've got a new entry brewing up in the old noggin, but to hold you until then, I'm gonna reprint the articles I did for the APA, re-edited to make it seem as though I'd just written them for my vast Internet audience. Everything is about comics, although I occasionally lapse into movie criticism and other various shit, whatever burr I've got up my ass at the time. But nothing non-comics related. If I'm gonna bore you with sob stories of my misbegotten existence, you can be damn sure there's a comical book angle in there somewhere. I try to be all smart-alecky and post-modern (and try doing that without using the term "graphic novel," it ain't easy), not because I think I'm better than everybody (although I do think that), but because for the last 7 or 8 years, I've found the conversational tone in comics fandom is like that you'd find at an 8th grade dance. And I fucking hated 8th grade dances. So I won't be crapping out any top ten lists, or starred reviews, or any of that Entertainment Weekly horseshit. Criticism at its brashest and generally soaked in Bud Light, that's the Callaway way. So welcome aboard.

In closing, the Watchmen movie is gonna suck really bad.

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